A fab Amsterdam apartment

This is my second dutch home tour of the week (see the other one here). I really do love the Dutch style. It's incredibly similar to Swedish decor with the white floors and walls, but the Dutch tend to go for more bright pops of colour. This home, spotted over at wonderful blog French By Design, in the heart of Amsterdam belongs to interior designer / stylist Brechtje Troost. It follows the general Dutch design rule with the white backdrop and bursts of colour but it also features a fab mid-century twist. And wait - I even spot a Swedish print! An apartment truly deserved of the coveted Friday my scandinavian home tour spot, don't you think?!

Photography Jantien De BoodInside Out Magazine via French By Design

Photography Jantien De Bood. Styling Josefin Ljungberg & Brechtje TroostInside Out Magazine via French By Design
Photography Jantien De BoodInside Out Magazine via French By Design

Photography Jantien De BoodInside Out Magazine via French By Design
Photography Jantien De Bood. Styling Josefin Ljungberg & Brechtje TroostInside Out Magazine via French By Design
Photography Jantien De Bood. Styling Josefin Ljungberg & Brechtje TroostInside Out Magazine via French By Design

I love this apartment,  it's very cool don't you think?

For classic mid-century furniture try auction houses Lauritz and Live Auctioneers. I love the cognac tote (similar one here). I'm not sure if it's possible to find a kitty cat as cute as that one though....?

You can read more about this fabulous space Inside Out magazine. 

Do you know what I'm noticing more and more of? Wall to wall carpets! Now, I know that in the UK and the US it's extremely common to have carpets in the home, especially in more cosy rooms such as the bedroom and sitting room. But I was amazed to hear a Swedish friend who is currently planning to add carpets to all the bedrooms in her new home. This is something of a revolution. Could it be one of the big trends for 2015?! 

How do you feel about wall to wall carpets?

Wishing you all a very happy halloween and a great weekend (up to anything fun?).  See you Monday!  

Shades of grey and white in a Stockholm space

Grey really has been the er, hot interior colour this year. Whether it's an entire apartment painted in a striking charcoal grey like this one or light nuances of grey like this one. This apartment designed by Moodhouse follows the latter trend. 'Brohuset' is a new 16 story high glass fronted apartment building overlooking Stockholm (wow!). The apartment has been painted in shades of white and grey and then softened with sheepskin throws and other textiles. I love the half painted grey wall in the hall with the matching chair - definitely an idea to steal! All in all its such a serene space don't you think?

Photography; Kristofer Johnsson. Interior: Moodhouse. Styling Marie Ramse.
Do you like the mix of whites with greys?

I'm not sure where this lovely Stockholm poster is from (anyone know?) but I came across some similar graphic city posters here. My collection of favourite grey items include these napkins. a super soft grey and white blanket, luxury charcoal linen bedding and this 'fading lake lady' painting (don't you think this print would look lovely in this space?!).

More gorgeous grey interiors here, here and here...

I'm so happy to be in London with my girls for a few days visiting family and re-charging my batteries, are you up to anything fun for half-term?

Have a lovely day!

A striking family home in Melbourne

Beautiful homes in Melbourne, Australia are popping up left, right and centre right now. But this home, recently featured on the Style Files is extra special as it's been nominated for the 2014 Austalian Design Awards. Designed by Robson Rak in collaboration with Made by Cohen, this Edwardian house in Elwood has been transformed into a contemporary light filled family home.  The look is simple and elegant with a mainly black and white theme throughout and yet the space retains a cosy and relaxed vibe. So lovely!

Robson Rak with Made By Cohen

Wow, what a home! Is it just or me or could you imagine this space ever looking messy?!

The one thing that really stands out to me are the window nooks. Those empty spaces by a window usually taken up by a radiator can in fact be the best places in a house to sip a coffee while looking out over the street / countryside beyond, or to read a magazine in the amazing natural light. I love nooks so much I even started a Pinterest board dedicated to them here! Something else for my home in addition to the yellow we talked about yesterday?!

Anything stand out to you in particular?

I've shown my fair share of beautiful Australian homes on my scandinavian home including the modern look here, bohemian here and vintage inspired here!

You could always take a peek at the many stunning homes featured over at Australin blog Design Files too.

Have a wonderful day!

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